What's Swell-Forecast.com? a brief introduction

Swell-Forecast is a way of quickly accessing a large range resources for predicting surf in Europe. It will not tell you in writing exactly what the surf at your beach is going to like tomorrow, but it will give you all the facilities you to easily make your own predictions. The wave prediction tools include weather charts, wave prediction charts, buoy reports, text bulletins and webcams.

Each wave prediction tool is accompanied by important information on how to interpret it and how to obtain the best results. The information is constantly updated, with current conditions as well as predictions for up to ten days ahead.

The resources in Swell-Forecast are designed to be used in conjunction with each other. For example, the current conditions can be checked out using the webcams, wavebuoys and text bulletins. To predict whether a swell is going to arrive within the next few days, use the wave prediction charts. Then the wind and surface pressure charts can be used to check out what the coastal wind conditions will be like when the swell arrives.

Swell-Forecast is designed to contain useful, specific information and be easy to navigate. Once you have decided on the area you want to look at, and which charts and reports you will use most, these should be quick and easy to access.

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