Problems downloading FNOC/FNMOC Wave Charts?

1. Introduction: Why do I need a Security Certificate?

Some Web servers make use of a so called "security layer" to encrypt data sent between you (the "client") and the Server. A special protocol supports this service, the "https". Recently, some web servers like FNOC which provide access to Wave Charts have adopted this protocol.

2. How to install a Security Certificate in your browser

Note: This procedure applies when using Microsoft Internet Explorer. For other browsers (like Netscape, Opera, etc) please refer to specific "help" in your browser.

When you try to see one https page a warning pop-up window like this will be shown:

If you click "yes" in this window, you will be able to see the wave charts, but you will be required again in your next visit to FNOC site.

Note that many of these windows will be shown, one for each wave chart (8 in our case, so will need to click "yes" 8 times).

In order to prevent these messages from ocurring, you must import a the "DoD root CAs certificate" and a "Medium Assurance root CA certificate" into the Trusted Root and Intermediate CA stores of your Internet Explorer.

To do that follow these steps carefully:

- 1. Download the certificates by clickinnng in the links below, select "Save as" to store them in a directory into your computer. The certificates are called "rel3_dodroot.cer" and "dodrootmed.cer":

Download Certificate 1 (Root)

Download Certificate 2 (Intermediate)

- 2. After downloading both certificates, open Internet Explorer and from the "Tools" pull down menu, select "Internet Options", and then select the "Content" tab.

- 3. In the "Certificates" section, seleccct the "certificates..." button to display the Certificate Manager window. Now select the "Trusted Root Authorities" tab and then select the "import..." button.

- 4. When the "Certificate Manager Importtt Wizard" displays, read the information and the select the "Next>" button. When the following window displays, use the "Browse..." button to find the DoD Root CA certificate you just downloaded (you may need to change the file type to "All Files (*.*)" to find "rel3_dodroot.cer". Select "Open".

- 5. When the file displays in the "File nname" field, select "Next>" to continue.

- 6. Select the "Automatic select the cerrrtificate store based on the type of certificate" radio button, and the select "Next>".

- 7. When the "Certificate Manager Importtt Wizard" window appears, select "Finish" to complete the wizard.

- 8. After selecting Finish, a dialog boxxx will pop up asking "Do you want to ADD the following certificate to the Root Store?". Select "Yes" and then OK to confirm that the import was succesful.

- 9. Repeat steps 3-8 fot the other DoD RRRoot Ca certificate (dodrootmed.cer).

- 10. You should now see the "DoD Class 333 Root CA" and the "DoD PKI Med Root CA" in the "Trusted Root CA" store. Close Internet Explorer.

If you continue experiencing problems, send us an e-mail to

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